2017-05-05 - Theology Roundtable - 05/05/2017 - The Fatima Centenary

Today’s Open Line—Friday slot offers a special EWTN Theology Roundtable show with EWTN’s vice-president of theology, Colin Donovan, who sits down with EWTN theology advisors Robert Klesko and David Gregson to talk about the continuing importance of the apparitions of Our Lady in Fátima, which began 100 years ago on May 13. Our callers want to know: What are the secrets of Our Lady of Fatima? How can Our Lady of Fatima help us get through life? Can you tell me more about Amelia—the children’s playmate who had died—and can we shorten her time? Can we offer a plenary indulgence for Amelia? What is the Scapular? How do we know that Mary is not getting in the way of praying to Jesus? Was Russia’s conversion going to be into Orthodoxy—instead of Catholicism? Sit down with our theologians who answer these and other questions, right here, on EWTN Radio Open Line—and our special EWTN Theology Roundtable show.