2017-06-30 - Theology Roundtable - 06/30/2017 - Public discourse and the Truth

Public discourse and the Truth. Today’s Open Line—Friday slot offers a special EWTN Theology Roundtable show with EWTN’s vice-president of theology, Colin Donovan, who sits down with EWTN theology advisors Robert Klesko and Noah Lett to dialogue about the relationship between the Truth and contemporary discourse in the media, politics and life. What if someone teaches a different truth, or a different Jesus? How do I handle truth with someone who is fixated on the “pro-choice” stance as a way of dismissing every other position, when it comes to a conversation about human life? How should I handle being persecuted for living Truth? What can we do to bring back critical thinking? Sit down with our theologians who answer these and other questions, right here, on EWTN Radio Open Line—and our special EWTN Theology Roundtable show.